Dennis & Lexi {Rolling Meadows Ranch Wedding}

A list of some of the things I love about Dennis and Lexi and their wedding day:

I love that I could feel the excitement in the air from the moment I arrived. 

I love that the girls kept smiles on their faces even though they had to brave the cold in short dresses. (The hand warmers they secretly had wrapped around their bouquets might have helped a bit ;) )

I love that, even though Dennis had an emergency appendectomy 4 days before the wedding, he had a smile on his face the whole day.

I love that 3 of my brides were in this wedding and that they were good sports about letting me get a picture of them. 

I love that Lexi made her own beautiful bouquet.

I love that there wasn't a dry eye at their ceremony.

I love that the bridal party showed so much support throughout the day. 

I love that Dennis and Lexi smiled every time they looked at each other. 

I love that elements of two different cultures were brought together in beautiful harmony and unity. 


I loved how the lively dancing exhibited the joy of the day. Oh, the dancing. 

Finally, and most importantly, I love how much Dennis and Lexi love one another. 


The world could use more love like theirs, so let's all love one another a little more today. 

Do small things with great love.