Alan and Hailey {wedding day}

Theirs was a day marked by effortless happiness and astounding beauty. Hailey and Alan have a way of spreading joy to those around them, and that joy was palpable on their perfect wedding day. 

As I walked up the creaky stairs of Hailey’s grandparents' old brick home toward the room where the bride and her ladies were getting ready for the day, I heard music and excited giggles as the girls talked, snacked, and danced around. “I don’t actually feel too nervous right now” were the bride’s words, as if she was surprised by her own poise and calm. 

Laughter filled the air as she pulled up the lacy strap of her dress and her mom and sister buttoned the back of the intricate gown. Once dressed, she shook her arms, and with them shook off any nervousness that was beginning to creep in. The smile on her face was full of excitement and readiness. 

Once the bride and her girls were finished taking photos and got hidden away, Alan arrived with his groomsmen and walked confidently up to the house. He was full of the same kind of excitement Hailey had shown. These two were, without question, SO ready to spend the rest of their lives together. 

As the ceremony time neared, the bride and groom got hidden away and guests began to arrive. Soft, happy music that perfectly fit the mood of the day lofted in the air as friends and family happily chatted in anticipation. Finally, the music began to get louder and Alan took his first steps toward the spot where he would marry his bride...

The ceremony ended in a dramatic kiss and cheers all around. I had the chance to steal away with the new Mr. and Mrs. for a few moments before the reception began to wander around the beautiful property and photograph them in their newly wedded bliss. 

The reception was a mixture of heartfelt formal dances, ornery speeches, unique traditions, and lots and lots of dancing. It was the perfect way to celebrate these two beautiful souls who had just promised forever to each other. 

As the evening wound down, the sparklers lit up. Hand in hand, Mr. and Mrs. Pizana ran through the line of their loved ones and into the rest of their lives together. 

Alan and Hailey, may your marriage be even more beautiful and full of love than your wedding. May you experience the ups and downs hand-in-hand, and may you always remember your promises from that day. Congratulations, you two. <3

*do small things with great love*