Ethan & Caitlin {engagement session}

When I think of young love, I think of couples like Caitlin and Ethan. They’re happy, energetic, giggly, and adorable. Young love is so often misconstrued as a lesser kind of love just because the people doing the loving are young, but I think there’s something so special about finding your person before you’ve settled into your “grown up” life. Years from now as Ethan and Caitlin recall the craziness of transitioning into different phases of life, instead of telling one another how their individual stories played out, they will have lived it together. They’ll grow and change together. They’ll experience the ups and downs of life side by side. Every day, they’ll learn how to love one another even more than they already do, and I think that’s absolutely beautiful. 

Ethan and Caitlin, your wedding is going to be such a joyous celebration of young love. I absolutely can’t wait. <3

*Do small things with great love*