Elisha and Kristen {Rolling Meadows Ranch Wedding}

Kristen is the kind of woman that makes everybody feel like somebody. She projects gentle love, immense generosity, and endless kind-heartedness.

Elisha is the kind of guy that makes you want to go out and chase your wildest dreams. He’s adventurous and honest, and unapologetically himself.

On a cold and sunny day in Lebanon, Ohio this warmhearted woman and this venturesome man invited their family and friends to the celebration of their love held at Rolling Meadows Ranch. The fact that they had already held a ceremony in Las Vegas in January didn’t diminish the emotion and beauty of this celebration, and the joy that overtook the couple and their favorite people was palpable. 

The day was full of so many sweet memories from the very start. From the final touches of hair and makeup to the happiest first looks, each moment brought forth such bliss.

The bridal party was all smiles in spite of the chilly winds. The girls held their hand-made bouquets, and the guys looked dapper in their ties and bowties. 

My favorite part of the day came when I got to steal away from the wedding hustle and bustle for a bit with the bride and groom. There's always something so special about seeing them alone and experiencing their dynamic as a couple... Let me tell you, they are so sweet to one another. He couldn't keep his eyes off her. 

When we had finished portraits, we headed back to the ranch for family photos and a few moments of peace before the ceremony began with beautiful music, tear-filled eyes, and heartfelt vows.

When the vows were said and the kiss was exchanged, the reception ensued with dinner, speeches, and dancing.

And now after all this… all of the adventures, all of the challenges, and all of the victories that life brings will be theirs. Together. 

Mr. and Mrs. Shannon, thank you for inviting me into your circle and allowing me to share in your celebration. From the trip to Las Vegas all the way to the amazing dancing at your reception, it was an absolute honor to immortalize your wedding in photographs. Your day was perfect in every way, and it was a perfect depiction of your unbreakable love. May you grow in unity, passion, and love in each day that is to come. 

Do small things with great love.