Sydney Cartzendafner {Lebanon Senior Session}

To inspire confidence… this is one of my deepest desires as I work with, learn about, and photograph a person. To gently help shift her thinking from “am I doing this right?” to “I love how confident this makes me feel.” I can’t even tell you how many clients have begun a session slightly nervous and ended it excited and uplifted. I love to find and exhibit the little details of a person comprised of both personality and visible form; the intricacies that those closest to you adore. The freckles you got from your mom, the gentle kindness in your eyes, the little wrinkle in your nose when you smile your truest smiles... these are the things that make you beautiful, and these are the things I love to discover and capture. 

That’s exactly what happened during sweet Sydney’s session. She told me right off the bat that she’s not super comfortable having her picture taken… but just a couple of shots into our shoot she was already killing it, model-style. 

Sydney, thank you SO much for letting me play a small roll in your senior year. I have no doubt that the bright light of your heart will guide you as you transition into this next stage of life. Shine on, lovely.

*Do small things with great love.*