Jon Hine {Cincinnati Senior Session}

Someone please tell me when my baby cousin became a pretty much grown adult man!? It feels like just yesterday he was the annoying kid tying all of our bedroom doors closed with knitting yarn and listening through the walls with his spy gear. He and I have had a sliiiiightly tumultuous past (flashback to childhood when every day was a power struggle, we kinda hated each others’ guts, and he was the only person to which I have ever sincerely said the words “I hate you” in my entire life,) but let me tell you, I have grown to love this guy so much. It took me until about halfway through editing these photos to really realize how much he’s grown up. He’s incredibly smart, goofy, charming, weird, driven, handsome, and loving. He’s ready to break into dance at any moment (which is my love language), and he’s the reason our family is always laughing. I guess I’m pretty grateful we don’t hate each other any more.

All of those nice things being said, I can’t pass up an opportunity to share some embarrassing photos from our childhood. Please enjoy these cringey pictures before we get to the senior photos:

Now that that’s over (Thank God), here are some of my favorites from his downtown Cincinnati senior session. JD, thanks for letting me take these pictures of you. I (and our whole family) are so proud of the man you are becoming and can’t wait to see where life takes you!

Love you bud.