Gabby Micomonaco {2018 cincinnati senior session}

Gabby. Oh, Gabby. What an absolutely beautiful person. What a JOYFUL person. She’s one of those people you want to be around if you want to smile (and who doesn’t want to smile!?)  This Cincinnati senior session was one for the books. 

When people think about photoshoots in winter, they think about leafless trees and dim skies. BUT, with the right location and style, January skies can create an amazing atmosphere. There’s actually more than one reason I love shooting this time of year...

  1. We usually have the location almost to ourselves! Except for the few crazy people who jog in the cold, even popular parks like Smale are pretty much free of pedestrians this time of year. This lets us have more options of photo spots, less stopping and waiting for people to walk by, and more focusing on having fun and getting AMAZING images. 
  2. It’s a creative challenge for me! While I obviously adore shooting in the greener months, the winter season pushes me to find color and vibrance in other places. 
  3. I always get SSUUUPPPPEEEERRR excited for my winter sessions. Okay, I get excited for all my sessions, but since there are less of them this time of year I get SO pumped every time I can get behind my camera. You can ask Gabby… I was more than a little happy to be photographing her in all her beauty. 

Just take a look at these photos and see for yourself. :) Gabby, thanks for letting me play a part in your senior year! You’re going to do great things. 

Gabby, you are beautiful! 


*do small things with great love*