Jordan & Jessica {engagement session}

I sat anxiously on a wooden bench, peeking around the bush beside me every few seconds to get a glimpse of each new car that pulled into the park’s driveway. My hands were stuffed into my coat pockets to thaw my fingers so they’d be ready to click the shutter button as soon as the moment arrived. Finally, a car pulled into the lot and two figures stepped out, one in a blush pink coat and ear warmer and one in black, and they began walking toward the back of the park. I stood up with my head down at my camera trying to look nonchalant and started taking pictures of plants (because who doesn’t go out and photograph plant life on cold and rainy days?), all the while keeping an eye on Jordan and Jessica and discreetly following them around. 

They walked hand-in-hand around the greenhouse buildings, trees, trellises, and fences, chatting and smiling as they went. I’m sure Jessica wondered why her boyfriend wanted to take her for a walk in the park on a cold, wet day in November, but her graciousness allowed her to go along with it with a smile. I’m willing to bet that she’s glad she did, because Jordan was planning on asking her a very important question that day. 

I sneaked around one of the gardens and planted myself behind a cluster of small pine trees across the pond from the little white gazebo where Jordan was going to ask that question. The couple circled the pond and walked out next to the gazebo near the water. He turned to her and wrapped her in a big bear hug as they giggled and kissed and talked. As he pulled away, he reached his hand into his pocket and simultaneously got down on one knee…. I could tell you the rest, but I think you can fill in the blanks from there because now this beautiful couple is in wedding-planning mode.

Just like they were on the day of the proposal, these two were happy, giggly, and cuddly during their Lebanon engagement session. They interact with one another as if they’ve been the closest of friends their entire lives and just realized with utmost joy that they’re in love. 

Jordan and Jessica, I simply cannot wait for your wedding day. You two have wonderful things in store. 

*do small things with great love*