Wesley Rhodus {Miami University Oxford Senior Session}

For some reason, I photograph senior girls WAY more than senior guys. It probably has something to do with girls caring more about having awesome pictures on their insta feeds, or maybe it’s that a lot of senior guys thinks getting their picture taken isn’t cool, but either way I always get so pumped when there’s a senior guy on my calendar, and Wesley’s session was no exception! 

I had an awesome time walking around Miami University with Wesley, laughing and taking photos along the way. He has an awesome excited energy about him that makes him so fun to be around, and I’m so glad I had the chance to work with him! In case you couldn’t tell by the photos, he’ll be starting his college journey in the Fall at Miami Oxford!

Best of luck, Wesley, as you take this next big step in life! You’re going to do awesome things. 

p.s., senior guys, getting your picture taken is ALWAYS cool. You can trust me. I’m a photographer so I’m totally not biased about this at all. ;) 

*do small things with great love*