Meaghan McCarter {lebanon ohio senior session}

TALL GIRLS UNITE! <was that too much? I was excited, okay!? I’m so used to photographing seniors at a down-angle (I’m 5’10” in case you didn’t know!), and I was so stoked to have a fellow tall girl in front of my lens. 

Meaghan is SO easygoing and has the most chill personality, and that completely translated to her photos. Her laugh could make anybody smile, and her big brown eyes absolutely LIGHT UP a room. She’s the kind of girl that makes you feel totally at ease to be yourself as soon as you meet her, and I think that’s a special kind of confidence that not a lot of people have. 

Meaghan will be attending Ball State University in the Fall, and I couldn’t be more excited for her! Meaghan, you’re going to do amazing things! 

*do small things with great love*