Rick and Sonya {25th anniversary}

Question of the day: why do parents stop getting their pictures taken when the kids are grown!?

When the kids are little, mom and dad love to get their family portraits taken to document their family at that point in life. When the kids are teenagers, they get their senior pictures taken and mom and dad LOVE sharing them with the rest of the family. But when the kids are older? The picture-taking seems to stop. 

As a photographer, I am maybe (definitely) a little bit (very) biased with this opinion, but I think it's important to keep documenting your family in all stages. Just think how special these photos will be for Rick and Sonya and their family for years to come... for their daughter and son-in-law to hang in their home and to show the grandkids that you can still be goofy and so in love after 25 years of marriage.

And Rick and Sonya are just that... goofy and in love. They giggled through the whole session. From Rick's so-cheesy-they're-funny jokes to Sonya's peppy and sweet personality, you might see them and think it was their first anniversary instead of their 25th. What an honor and a blessing to work with people like this.

Rick: "I don't think I've seen you this up-close in a while!"

Sonya: "You still like what you see?"

Rick: *smiles* "Yeah, I really do."

So, take a minute to look at your husband or wife close up today. Take note of the specks in their eyes, the wrinkle in their nose, the dimple in their chin. Realize that these things deserve to be noticed and adored. They deserve to be documented. 

*Do small things with great love.*