Kodie and Luke {maternity}

Ah, sunset in the summertime... Golden Hour. A photographer's dream. I arrived early to the session to search for some new spots in one of my favorite parks, and I happened upon a beautiful little grass field tucked away in an almost-hidden corner of Armco Park. The way the sun hung low in the sky and peeked through the gaps between tree branches made me feel inspired and ready to create some beautiful photographs.

When Kodie and Luke arrived, they showed me the blanket and stuffed teddy bear they brought, and I knew it was going to be an amazing session. As soon as we began shooting, I could sense the real and deep love these two people share, both for one another and for little Wyatt. They are so sweet with one another.

The way Luke reacted when I showed him the shot of Kodie below was priceless. He is so obviously enamored with her and the miracle that is growing in her perfect little belly. 

Wyatt is already such a loved little guy. I can't even imagine how adored he will be when he makes his arrival. <3 


*Do small things with great love.*