Evan and Adair {engaged}

As I pulled up to the Kamentz house, I saw them. Evan and Adair, walking down the sidewalk from his home to hers, just like they had so many times before. Hand in hand, they stepped across the porch where they’d spent so many summer evenings perched on the step, talking about the things of life. I imagined the conversations they could’ve had there… from lighthearted story-telling and reminiscing of childhood, to deep conversations about God and the depth of His glory, to talks about wedding plans and the marriage they’ll get to experience in a few short months…

You see, Evan and Adair grew up in this neighborhood together. From the time they were barely tweens, their families have lived a short walk away from one another. It’s the kind of love story you think only exists in movies… the kind where they grow up together as friends and fall in love as they grow in age and maturity. But, as Adair’s sister Kelsey lovingly stated, “Don’t let them fool you, they’ve been dating for 10 years.” ;) Either way you tell the story, I adore this couple’s love. They radiate joy to and from one another, and I felt uniquely honored to be invited into the neighborhood park that is a significant part of their story; the park they claim as their own; to capture their engagement photos. 

A beautiful summer evening, a perfect couple, and an entourage of friends and family that came along for the ride. And when I say entourage, I mean a best friend, two sisters, a brother, a neighbor, and a family dog (did you see the picture of Tressel up there?) There's no question about it, this couple is SO loved. I can't wait to see the support and love they'll feel from their loved ones on their wedding day this autumn. 

On a side note... if you're wondering *just* how excited they are to get married in less than 11 weeks... just look at this shot. 

Yeah. I'm excited too, guys. ;)