Jeffery and Mackenzie {engaged}

“So tell me your story! How did you two get together?” I asked after our introductions and hugs as we walked to our first spot at Mt. Echo Park.

Jeffery immediately answered, “Well I asked her out twice because she turned me down the first time.”

Mackenzie crinkled her nose and laughed before replying. “It’s not as simple as that!” She went on to tell the story of Jeffery’s decision to ask her out right after their pastor jokingly told the guys to ask out every girl they could find. 

Yeah. Maybe not the best time to put that mustered-up courage to use. ;)

It goes without saying, but Jeffery must’ve done something right the second time… I mean, look at them now. These adorable goofballs are getting married next month, and I absolutely cannot WAIT to photograph their wedding. 

Oh, and if they weren't already sweet enough... this session was at the very park where Jeffery proposed to Mackenzie. *swoon*

I'm so excited to photograph their wedding in a few short weeks. God is going to do awesome things through this couple. <3

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