Ellayna Shannon

I asked Ellayna if there was anything she wanted me to share on her blog post. After thinking for a while, she said this:

A lot of times we look at the future and think we'll just magically get to where we want to go. We have this belief that, if we wait long enough, things will just work themselves out and everything will be better and we'll get to this place of happiness. But that's not how it works. You have to actively pursue your goals. You have to work hard to get there or you'll always be looking forward to a future that doesn't exist. 

Woah. What an incredible and convicting thought. She mentioned that it applies to so many aspects of life... relationships, faith, career, and more. I've thought about this point a lot since my session with Ellayna, and it resonates with me so deeply. 

I find that photography connects me to the world around me. It urges me to notice small details, appreciate the grandeur of nature, and even see into myself in ways I otherwise don't notice. It rejuvenates me in a very real way when I get to do the thing I love, and my passion drives me to improve. Like Ellayna so eloquently described, you have to work hard to get better, and it's SO rewarding when you can see that improvement. You have to push through the slumps and search for the sunshine. Sometimes literally. If you scroll through these photos you'll see that we really did find the sunshine at the end of the session. Actually, we full-on sprinted across a bridge to get to it. 

It's like that sometimes. It can feel like you're running toward a goal you may not reach. But remember this: if you stop running, you definitely won't reach it. And if you keep running... well, you might end up with some incredible sunset photos on a beautiful bridge with a cityscape background. Metaphorically, of course. 

Without further delay, let me introduce you to Ellayna. Her soul is as magnificently beautiful as her appearance. (And that's pretty darn beautiful.)

I sincerely hope that you find the thing that impassions and rejuvenates you. May you find it, and may you always have the legs to run full-speed toward it.