Teague Family {Oregon District}

This family is something to smile about. A photographer momma, a sweet & loving dad, and of course precious lil’ Amelia… together, they make the most perfect little family. Amelia was an angel during her session, and every time a frown started forming all we had to do was pull out her monkey friend and it was back to happiness for her. I think we can all take a few pointers from this babe on finding joy in the little things.

I had such a good time wandering around Oregon District with these three. They are kind, fun, and full of life, and I know Amelia will grow up in a wonderful home. 

Thanks, Ashley & Jeff, for choosing me to capture this special moment in your lives. May your years together be many and your moments as a family be filled with smiles and laughter.

*do small things with great love*