Bryce & Natalie {Sharon Woods Engagement Session}

Ah, where do I begin with these two? I’ve known Natalie since kindergarten. That means I’ve seen her experience all the phases of life. From second grade and feeling awesome because we were in the “fast readers” group (I think we were called the chipmunks for who-knows-what reason), to middle school when we were all just trying to figure out how to not be awkward all the time, to high school and beyond when we finally start to realize who we are… I’ve watched her transform into the woman she is today. 

Through all of those transformations and life phases, I have never seen another person bring out the radiance in her like Bryce. Natalie is a smart, capable, beautiful woman who’s awesome on her own, but Bryce acts as a magnifying glass to all of those qualities. He makes her laugh SO much, and I can tell that he holds her very near to his heart. It’s exactly the way a relationship should be… two good people who are even better be each others’ sides. 

Bryce & Natalie, thanks for choosing me as your photographer! I’m so honored to capture the love you two share. May it grow bigger and bolder every day until you say “I do” and beyond. <3

*do small things with great love*