Wyatt Reid Brongersma {newborn}

When I arrived, it felt like he had been there for years. Like Wyatt had always had a place in this home; like he truly belonged there with his mommy and daddy and the dog and kitty. Everything just felt so… complete. 

Upon meeting Luke and Kodie for their maternity session at the beginning of July, I could sense their excitement and readiness to welcome their sweet baby boy into the world. And now that I've seen them as a whole family unit, I can honestly say that I couldn't imagine this family any other way. There is SO much love shared between these three people. So much tenderness in the way this new mommy and daddy speak to, hold, and care for their little one. 

I was taken back by the way they communicate with one another. At the first sign of tears, a soothingly spoken sentence from Kodie or a "shh shh" from Luke calmed him down almost immediately. This baby isn't even two weeks old, and I think he already has a small grasp on how beautiful his parents' love for him is. 

It was a true honor to take Wyatt's newborn photos along with their first photos as a family. How incredible this little family is.

*do small things with great love.*