Sam & Sarah {French Park Engagement Session}

When the weather is supposed to be freezing but it turns out to be a gorgeous day, you throw ALL the praise hands in the air! And when the couple to be photographed brings the sweetest, cutest pup named Cash to their photoshoot, you smile the whole time and try really hard not to speak in that crazy high-pitched voice you use whenever there is a cute animal in the vicinity (and fail miserably.) Either way, I had such an awesome time learning about and photographing these two.

Sarah & Sam are a beautiful couple. They’re one of those pairs that have been together for years, and even after all that time they’re so obviously enamored with one another. A smile crept onto my face every time they smiled at each other because their connection and happiness were palpable. Brought together by mutual friends who I’m sure can’t wait to celebrate with them, they’ll make a promise with one another this March to continue that connection and love for all their days to come, and I absolutely cannot wait <3 

*do small things with great love*