Matt and Alyssa {Cincinnati Engagement Session}

It was the kind of day they write about in storybooks... the sun was shining, there were fluffy white clouds in the sky, and every time you'd start to get hot a refreshing breeze would blow through to cool you down. Matt and Alyssa are the kind of couple you'd expect to read about in that storybook... happy, kind, down to earth, and just quirky enough to keep things fun. Their personalities are unique and different from one another, but let me tell you, they just fit. These sweethearts are set to wed this winter, and judging by how cuddly and cozy they seem to be, I don't think the cold will be too much of a problem. ;) 

Matt and Alyssa, I wish you nothing but happiness and joy as you prepare to spend your forevers together. Thanks for letting me be the one to document your love. 


*do small things with great love*