Nick & Katie {Downtown Dayton Engagement Session}

It’s the very best kind of love story… The kind where two people who have known each other for years look at each other one day and realize *cue Beauty and the Beast music* there may be something there that wasn’t there before. Katie and Nick have grown up side by side, from joint family vacations to dinners to grill outs… I have the feeling these two families are preeeeetty excited they’ll officially be joined together after all these years. 

These two have grown up in the Dayton area and often go on dates in town, so choosing their location was a breeze! We started in the Oregon district and then wandered around the city, finding all the prettiest spots and even discovering things we had no idea were there (who knew Dayton had a bicycle club in the cutest little white building you’ve ever seen!?) We even came across a police officer on a bike who thought it would be funny to photobomb the session (Okay, it WAS kinda funny, and I’m totally including that picture in their gallery just for kicks.)

Katie and Nick get to marry each other this September, and I know it will be SO special to experience this joyous occasion with them!

*do small things with great love*