Katie and Tommy {Covington Wedding}

You know when something good happens to one of your favorite people and you’re just like YES YOU DESERVE THIS!?!?! That’s how I felt allllll day at Tommy and Katie’s wedding. Throughout the whole planning process, Katie periodically texted me pictures of details for their coming day… from aisle signs to special projects, Katie threw herself into making every intricacy of their day unique and special. I think this is reflective of who she is as a person: passionate and detail-oriented, kind and thoughtful. Tommy echoes these qualities; he loves her well, and together they are one of the most extraordinary couples I’ve met. 

These two deserved a perfect wedding day, and OHMYGOODNESS they got it. The sun was shining, the breeze was gently blowing, and the love was unmistakable. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson, may your marriage be filled with as much special tenderness, attention to detail, and ear-to-ear smiling as your wedding day. I have so much love for you and I can't wait to see where this beautiful journey leads <3 

*do small things with great love*