Sam & Sarah {Carnegie Center at Columbia Tusculum Wedding}

You know in those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, in the final scene where the girl who’s a lowly mistreated assistant to a bigwig CEO and the guy who’s next in line to become toe Duke of Genovia finally realize that after their two days of knowing each other they’re destined to be together forever, and they serendipitously bump into each other outside a cute shop window and kiss in the snow?

THAT was the kind of snow that was falling on Sarah & Sam’s wedding day. From the moment I arrived as the girls were getting ready, through the ceremony and on into the evening’s dancing, big, beautiful snowflakes were gently falling. 

The ceremony space at the Carnegie Center was flooded with dreamy window light, so we couldn’t resist doing the first look at the very spot they’d say “I do” in a few short hours. After the big reveal they read handwritten letters to each other, expressing their love and excitement. I had to back up so I couldn’t hear because it’s difficult to take a picture when your eyes are welling with tears. ;) 

We then ventured outside for portraits, and the heavy snow subsided just in time. While we were outside, only light snowflakes fell and the sunshine even made an appearance from behind the clouds. This bridal party was a fun one - they were laughing the whole time and made portraits a blast - but my VERY favorite part of the day was when I just had the bride & groom in front of my camera. They were palpably excited & SO happy that their day was finally here, and they just fit in each other’s arms so perfectly. 

We headed inside to get out of the cold and get a few more portraits. Just before I snapped the first image here, as Sarah turned to look over her shoulder, Sam proclaimed “Wow look at those EYES!” We agree, Sam. We definitely agree. 

Before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony. Tears of JOY were everywhere you looked during this ceremony. It was abundantly clear that the room was filled with people who have been touched in a big and real way by this couple. 

When the rings had been exchanged and the vows given, the fun of the reception began. Rather than traditional tables and place cards, the reception had a cocktail hour feel with dinner by-the-bite, no assigned seats, and a social atmosphere. I loved that this encouraged guests to get up, walk around, and talk with one another rather than being glued to a chair! The dances and speeches were some of the best I’ve ever experienced (and, trust me, I’ve been to a lot of weddings!) As a surprise for Sam, Sarah had RECORDED their first dance song. Her beautiful voice flooded the room and another round of tears flowed. 

Once the open dancing began, there wasn’t a dull moment or an open spot on the floor.

It was the PERFECT ending to a perfect day, and an amazing beginning to forever for the new Mr. & Mrs. Walston. 


A huge shoutout to the amazing vendor team that made every piece of their day wonderful! 

Venue: The Carnegie Center at Columbia Tusculum

Dress: Blush by Hailey Page - Luxe Redux

Florist: The Budding Florist

Caterer: Jeff Thomas Catering

Rings: Honey Designs Jewelry

DJ: Matt Fry of Steve Bender Entertainment


Sam & Sarah, may your marriage be even more wonderful than your wedding! <3 

*do small things with great love*