Markus and Lindsay {Cincinnati couple session}

I had a vision: her in a gold dress; him in navy; the glamour of downtown; the warmth of a glowy summer evening. If you're a creative person, you understand that when you have a vision, you HAVE to give it life or you'll go crazy. Well, I was getting pretty close to crazy with this one, and thank God these two lovebirds were up for helping me bring my idea to life or I might just be a little closer to insanity than I already am. ;)

Markus and Lindsay are something special. Their level of comfort together speaks volumes about the many hours that have gone into making their relationship into what it is today. They're goofy, encouraging, exciting, and interesting people... Individually and as a couple, their character shines through their personalities. They bounce energy off one another, and they each shine brighter because they're together.

Their confidence radiates. 

Their love radiates even louder.

Thanks for helping me bring this to life, you two. May you grow closer in love and in truth together.

*Do small things with great love.*