Jon and Bekah {Ault Park 5 Year Anniversary Session}

As we strolled around the beautiful pathways and magnificent gardens of Ault Park on that warm August evening, she recounted the beginnings of their love story. When the crush she thought to be unrequited turned out to be mutual, her heart shone with excitement and love.

I think there must be something special about this couple, because as we navigated the park and took their 5-year wedding anniversary photos, I watched them glow with the same excitement and love I imagine was there as the sparks first began to ignite. Everything from their laughter to the way they look into each other’s eyes indicates a relationship forged with the choice to love, the decision to respect, and the resolution to cherish one another wholeheartedly. 

Jon and Bekah, I am honored to know you. Your relationship is a treasure and an example, and I wish you nothing but the best as you spend the next 5 years and the next 5 after that loving one another.

*do small things with great love*