Trevor & Natalie {Piqua Ohio Wedding}

If I could describe this wedding day in 3 words, it would be joyful, emotional, and reallystinkingfun. That counts as one word, right? ;) From the moment I arrived there was an energy in the air that I can’t fully describe - it was like the love between this couple and their families had been bottled up over the years and was ALL poured out for this one grand, beautiful occasion. 

The tears started flowing early on in the timeline - Natalie’s dad cried when he saw his beautiful wife all dressed up before he even saw the bride, so you can imagine the emotion when he got to see his baby girl all dressed up in her white dress. The rest of the day echoed that emotion with happy tears all around.

The forecasted rain decided to hold off for us, and the outdoor ceremony was nothing less than perfect. It was incredible to watch these two awesome people promise forever to each other.

The reception was filled with speeches, more tears, good food, and dancing, and I can’t think of a more joyful way to end this perfect day. For Trevor and Natalie, though, this was just the beginning. Mr. & Mrs. Jacobs, CONGRATULATIONS and may your years to come be filled with the same kind of unexplainable joy and indescribable love as this day. <3  

*do small things with great love*