Danielle & Jacob {eden park engagement session}

Jacob and Danielle first got together 6 years ago, but when he had to move to California for work they had to part ways. When he returned home a while later and they ran into each other again, you could say he was excited to re-kindle the relationship. Like, throw your mountain dew into the air trying to wave excited. After a few coincidental (aka totally planned) stops at the coffee shop Danielle was working at, Jacob swept her off her feet again, and as you may be able to tell by the ring on her finger, this time it stuck. 

Fast forward to the engagement session: After having to reschedule THREE times due to weather and sickness earlier in the Spring, we were SO ready to finally take these photos. Though I was bummed that we had to reschedule the first two times, I’m SO glad we waited for this perfect evening. The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze to combat the heat of the summer, and everything came together in all the most perfect ways. 

I got a liiiiiiiittle excited a few times during the session because of all the beauty that was happening, though Danielle and Jacob might tell you that the level of excitement was higher than “a little”. They were so in sync in front of the camera, and the light was doing all the right things, and magic was being made. There is SOMETHING about the way Jacob and Danielle cozy up to each other that’s extra special. Most couples do a good job cuddling up to each other, but there’s a love between these two that goes above and beyond what you see every day… an “I cherish you more than anything else in this entire world” kind of cozy that tells me this relationship is one of the really, really good ones. 

Jacob & Danielle, I can’t wait for your wedding! You two are some of the sweetest people I’ve met, and I have no doubt that your wedding day will carry the same sweetness. 

P.s. I extra love the couple because their favorite Netflix shows include the Office and Parks & Rec, and those shows are the quickest shortcut to my heart. Can't wait for your wedding day, you two! <3

*do small things with great love*