Matt & Alyssa {Urbana, Ohio Wedding}

My first wedding of 2018 happened on the first Saturday of January, which meant I got to kick off my wedding season right off the bat this year. After taking a month off from shooting during the holiday season to rest and find renewal, I was SO happy to get back into the game and start the year off right. Matt & Alyssa’s wedding day was one of the smoothest, easiest, most flawless days I’ve had the privilege of being a part of, and I have no doubt that it had something to do with Alyssa’s planning.

Alyssa is every photographer’s D R E A M bride. She’s equal parts fierce and tender. She’s a “get stuff done” type of gal, while somehow also being lighthearted, extra kind, and always ready to laugh. 

Matt is a presence of quiet poise and confident strength. He adores his bride with every piece of himself. 

They are very different from each other, but I think they fit together better than any two people who are exactly the same. They compliment each other in beautiful ways and bring out each other’s joy. 

Congratulations, you two. May you have many more years of finding your joy together. <3