Erin & Justin {Wetherington Golf Club Wedding | West Chester, Ohio Wedding Photography}

Erin & Justin’s wedding day was one for the books. From the most gorgeous bouquet I’ve ever seen to the kids’ seats at the reception having toys and coloring books, every detail was planned to perfection. (Shoutout to Erin’s mom, Dena, for putting so much hard work into the little things!) Erin and Justin are hardworking, dedicated people, and they definitely got the perfect wedding day they deserved. 

From the moment I arrived at Wetherington Golf & Country Club, we walked each stepping stone of the day in perfect time and in perfect rhythm. The dark and stormy weather forecast held off until JUST after we finished portraits outside in perfect light, and the bridal party was there to help out and laugh with their bride and groom at every turn. It was one of the smoothest, most easygoing wedding days I’ve ever been a part of. 

Erin & Justin, I am SO incredibly happy for the two of you! May you spend many years celebrating your love just as you did on this incredible day <3

*do small things with great love*