Amanda & Kaleb {Crains Run Park Maternity | miamisburg ohio maternity photography}

Friends. The photos you are about to see contain a baby bump. Not just any baby bump, though. This one is special. Why? Because it contains my niece!!! The first of a new generation in my family. I can’t wait to meet this sweet babe and to watch my incredible sister and brother in law become parents. There is so much joy on the horizon with this little girl.

I wonder all the time about what she’ll be like. Will she have her momma’s sweet smile and her dad’s blue eyes? Will she love music, sports, art… maybe photography? ;) Whoever she turns out to be, I’ve been thinking of some things I hope are true for her.

So, to the niece I haven’t met yet, a few wishes for you:

I hope joy and laughter and happiness come easily for you, and that you feel these things more often than not.

I hope you learn to love with your whole heart.

I hope you don’t get mad at Aunt Lauren for taking five million photos of you all day every day.

I hope you mess up sometimes and learn that it’s ok not to be perfect.

I hope you learn to appreciate the sunshine, the tall grass, and the sound of a trickling creek. I hope these things make you feel connected to your Creator.

I hope you make messes and play in the dirt and skin your knees sometimes.

I hope you find the value in serving and loving those around you.

I hope you feel beautiful and worthy and enough. But in the moments when you doubt this, I hope you remember that you are so much stronger than whatever is getting you down.

And most of all, sweet baby girl,

I hope you know just how loved you are.

do small things with great love