Nick & Katie {dayton, ohio wedding photography}

This long-awaited wedding day was something out of a storybook. And by long-awaited, I mean that Katie and Nick have known each other since they were little kids - their families were best of friends throughout their childhoods, vacationing together and growing up alongside one another. The dynamic of the wedding was influenced by this incredible friendship between families: joy, celebration, laughter, and ease flooded the day from start to finish. Tears were shed, roars of laughter were shared, and these two kind, loving, funny people promised to spend their forevers together.

Mr. & Mrs. Geis, THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your best day ever. You are so loved from all sides, and I know that love will carry you through many happy, crazy, joyful years in each others’ arms.

*do small things with great love*