Sam & Katelyn {The Steam Plant Wedding | Dayton, Ohio Wedding Photography}

What. A. Wedding. This was the longest wedding I’ve ever photographed, and yet at the end of the day I felt nothing but energized. Sam & Katelyn have so much history together, but the feeling that their greatest adventures together are yet to come was palpable. They had one of the most dynamic and ready-to-party bridal parties I’ve worked with, and their incredible enthusiasm kept everything lively and colorful from start to finish. 

Katelyn’s attention to detail made this photographer’s soul sing. From the gorgeous sky blues, to her giant fragrant bouquet, to all the special little intricacies she so clearly devoted endless time and energy to, every aspect came together to create a heartfelt and stunning day from A to Z. All this planning and taking care of details beforehand made the bride (and therefore everyone else) feel so at ease during the wedding day. The bridal suite was brimming with peaceful yet excited energy as the girls got ready, and that same feeling followed from “I do” to last dance. 

Sam kept the energy high the whole day. He pumped his fist high in the air at every exciting moment, kept the dancing going on the party bus, and couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. It was evident that marrying Katelyn was truly his best day ever and happily ever after. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bertsos, it was truly an honor to be there to capture your wedding day. You two are incredible, and I hope the same joy and excitement you felt on this day carry you through all your years to come.

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