Amanda Moore {cinnamon beach portrait session}

I found a personality test online and read the questions aloud to my sister. Questions such as “Are you more goal-oriented or relationship-oriented?” and “Have you tended to focus too much on yourself or too much on others?” With each question, she answered with the option that focused on kindness and selflessness. With each answer she gave, I realized more and more that my sister is the most kindhearted kind of woman. She is selfless but strong; she is a peacemaker who fiercely loves her family; and she is a follower of Christ who exemplifies His goodness. 

The results of the test told us that she is a peace-lover and that she is receptive, good-natured, and supportive. She seeks union with others and with the world around her.

I didn’t need an enneagram test to tell me that, though. I, and everyone who has known Amanda, already knows that she’s a beautiful soul.

Love ya, sis. 


*Do small things with great love.*