The Pressure is a Privilege

I’m gonna be real for a minute: being a wedding photographer is a lot of pressure. The importance of my job on a wedding day isn’t lost on me; my brides count on me to capture and preserve the memories they’ve been dreaming about since they were little girls. I’m counted on to be there for the special and sacred moments for my couples and their families. If I’m being honest, I feel the weight of that pressure sometimes. 

But do you know what I also feel? The HONOR of being trusted with this task. The PRIVILEGE of being chosen out of all the wedding photographers in the world. The REWARD of working my butt off on a wedding day and seeing the smiling faces of the bride and groom who are able to relax and trust that the details are being taken care of. One of my core goals for every wedding day is to help my couples experience their day with full presence and peace, and if that means taking some extra pressure upon myself, I’m happy - no, honored - to do so. 

I received an email from a bride recently that said, “You captured moments I didn’t even know happened!”, and when I read that it hit me: I’m not only capturing memories for the bride & groom, I’m putting the pieces of their day together. I’m showing them the most special day of their lives, both from their perspective and from mine. I’m exhibiting to them that all the work they’ve put into it has come together more beautifully than they even realized at the time. There’s no feeling in the world like hearing my clients say they’re in love with their images, and to me that’s worth all the pressure in the world. 

Being there for moments like this...

dayton ohio wedding photographers.jpg

And these…

...makes all that pressure melt away into gratitude. 

So to each past, current, and future couple who trusts me with that pressure: thank you. I don't take that trust lightly, and it means the absolute WORLD that I get to experience these moments alongside you. You are the very heartbeat of my business and the reason I never fall out of love with doing what I do. <3

Here’s to a 2019 wedding season that will bring even more true emotion, abounding love, and bubbling joy.

*do small things with great love*